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Calgary NET 134 is the geographical network of FidoNet that presently services the Southern Alberta area. This area is loosely defined as being that region of Alberta extending from Ponoka/Red Deer in the north to a midway point between Calgary and Lethbridge to the south. Lethbridge in the south. This geographic region *is* loosely defined since other nets may, at any time, be established within this general region due to long distance boundaries and telco restrictions (in fact, until only recently, Red Deer had it's own Net 3417 designation until that net closed in mid-1997).

Calgary NET 134 was established in the mid-1980's, and is at least 21 years old as of this writing (2008). While the number of active nodes participating in Net 134 has varied over the years, CALGARY NET 134 has kept an active presence in FidoNet for the province of Alberta, and is the oldest network of FidoNet in this province (it was the first net designated for Alberta).

Below is the last standing Members of Net134 when the Net was Closed on

GETNET V1.70 Copyright 1990-91, (c)Tower Enterprises--Jeff Galbraith (1:134/21)
File: NODELIST.067                             Parsed: Mar.07,2008 - 13:55:40
 NODE   BBS NAME             AREA     SYSOP                PHONE         BAUD
  134 M NC134 Souther[HOST]  Calgary  Michael Grant        403-288-8208  9600
    2 M NEC134               Calgary  Kevin Klement        403-242-3221  9600
   10 M Madmail Hub          Calgary  Michael Grant        0-0-0-0-0      300
   11   Mike's Madhouse      Calgary  Michael Grant        403-288-8208  9600
   77   Gypsy                Calgary  Kevin Klement        403-242-3221  3360
  178   The Opportuni[DOWN]  Calgary  Janusz Suchorolski   403-241-8911  9600
  303   Ice Zone     [DOWN]  Calgary  Guy Islip            -Unpublished   300

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