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                               NET_134 POLICY DOCUMENT
                            (C) 1998, Fidonet; Net 1:134/0

          POLICY GUIDE for System Operators in the Fidonet Southern Alberta
          area known  as Net 134.  This document as of Sept  30, 1998 is the
          policy  document for  Net  134,  and may  only  be  changed by  a
          majority vote of eligible systems as described in this document.

          This  document is  the property  of  the Sysops  of Net  134 (the
          copyright owners).  Permission is hereby given to distribute this
          document in unmodified form.

                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS

          I.     NET 134 AND FIDONET  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

          II.    APPLYING FOR A NODE NUMBER . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

          III.   NET 134 SYSOP ECHOES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                      A.   SYSOP_134  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                      B.   SYSOP_TECH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                      C.   ADMIN_134  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

          V.     NON-ANSWERING NODES  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

          VI.    NET 134 VOTING PROCEDURE . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                      A.   A Quorum.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                      B.   Eligible Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                      C.   Election Procedure . . . . . . . . . . . .

          VII.   NET 134 ELECTED POSITIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                      A.   Net Coordinator (NC)  1:134/0  . . . . . .
                      B.   Net Echo Coordinator (NEC)  1:134/3  . . .

          VIII.  NET 134 VOLUNTEER POSITIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . .
                      A.   HUB Systems. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

          IX.    REMOVING A PERSON FROM OFFICE  . . . . . . . . . . .

          X.     CHANGES TO THIS DOCUMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

          XI.    DOCUMENT UPDATE HISTORY  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

          I.     NET 134 AND FIDONET

                 Net 134  consists  of the  systems listed  in the  Fidonet
                 Nodelist under the Southern Alberta Net.  The nodelist  is
                 a file called NODELIST.Axx  (the "xx" part can be  any two
                 digits).  It  is in a SEA  ARC version 5 format.  When the
                 nodelist is de-arced it is an  ASCII text file listing all
                 the nodes in  the Fidonet network.  Net 134 is the part of
                 that list within  ZONE 1, within REGION 17,  starting with
                 the line that  reads "HOST,134" and  ending with the  next
                 HOST, REGION or ZONE line.

                 Where  possible, Net  134 has agreed  to abide  by Fidonet
                 Policy, concerning the matters of  assigning node numbers,
                 mail  hours,  routing, settling  of  disputes, and  so on.
                 This document, however, is intended to provide an internal
                 method  for  handling  disputes,  and  other  net  related
                 business,  since in  the  current situation  regarding the
                 controversial Policy 4  document, Net  134 has decided  to
                 not acknowledge this document's existence.   Net 134 fully
                 supports the formulation  of a  new policy document  which
                 defines  a  more  democratic   approach  to  administering


                 Each member node of Net 134 has a number which is assigned
                 by the  HOST system.  The line of the nodelist that starts
                 with  HOST,134   describes  the  HOST  to  our  net.    By
                 convention,  this node  is node  number zero  of Net  134.
                 (the full address is actually 1:134/0 where the 1: denotes
                 Zone 1 but you can usually ignore this).

                 To become a member of Net  134 (and therefore a member  of
                 Fidonet), new sysops  apply for  a node number.   This  is
                 accomplished according  to the  guidelines spelled  out in
                 file POLICY4.DOC. Policy4.doc should be available form any
                 of  the current  members   of   Net  134.   The  principle
                 points  of  POLICY4.DOC  are  that  NEW SYSOPS  APPLY  FOR

                 The only messages new sysops send is their application for
                 a node number using Node number -1/-1 or 134/9999, and the
                 only  system they  send the  application to is  the "HOST"
                 node  listed at  the  start of  the Net  134 entry  in the
                 nodelist.    If they  send messages  to other  systems the
                 result is undefined  since the node  is not listed in  the

                 Within a week  or two (if all goes well) the new system is
                 added to the  main nodelist.   Once this happens they  are
                 then  considered to be a full member of Fidonet and of Net
                 134 and  have full capability to send messages (and files)
                 to any other node in the nodelist.

          III.   NET 134 SYSOP ECHOES

                 A.   SYSOP_134

                 This echo is for Sysops and approved co-Sysops of  Net 134
                 only. It is for the discussion of Sysop related items, and
                 net related business. Discussions of a technical nature
                 should be moved to Sysop_Tech. The NEC is the moderator of
                 this echo , sets the topics, and is the final authority in
                 any dispute regarding echo behaviour or contents.

                 B.   SYSOP_TECH

                 Our technical  discussion echo set up especially  to  help
                 new sysops, points and all Net 134 nodes with  BBS related
                 problems having to do with hardware and software.   You do
                 not need to be applying to become a  node  to  participate
                 in  SYSOP_TECH  but  should  be  actively  setting  up  or
                 maintaining a Fido compatible BBS.

                 C.   ADMIN_134

                 This is a mandatory Echo for all sysops in Net 134. Only
                 sysops of Net 134 have READ and Write access. This Echo will
                 be for administrative topics only. The NC is the Distributor
                 and Moderator of this Echo.

                 Other  Sysop echoes, both regional and  local, may be made
                 available as  well  and  new  nodes  should  contact their
                 Hubs regarding the availability of same.


                 Each week the main nodelist update comes out,  and is
                 distributed via the network to all members of Net 134.
                 Each member of Net 134 is responsible for applying the
                 update  file to their nodelist in a reasonably timely
                 manner.  Using  obsolete   versions  of  the  nodelist  is
                 considered  annoying behaviour  and could be costly if you
                 dial old numbers which are no longer BBS numbers.

                 Similarly, each week the Fidonews electronic newsletter is
                 distributed from  region to host to net.  Everyone (member
                 or  not)  is encouraged  to  write articles  for Fidonews.
                 Members  will  forward  articles  for  non-members to  the
                 Fidonews editor at node 5:5/23.

          V.     NON-ANSWERING NODES

                 Net 134 systems, which are not going to be answering their
                 phone for more than a couple of days (this is known as the
                 system being down), are  expected to make every reasonable
                 effort  to notify  the HOST  of the  situation.
                 The HOST marks a member system as down  in the nodelist if
                 the HOST is  unable to connect  for 3 or more  consecutive
                 days.   If the node is not heard  from after this (via the
                 net again) it will be completely removed from the nodelist
                 3 weeks after it is marked down.

                 Note  that under  NO circumstances should  anything answer
                 the phone  except for  a functioning  network node  during
                 NMH.   Answering machines,  humans, non-network BBS's  and
                 such can  cause problems  and un-needed  expense for  long
                 distance callers  trying to  send you  messages or  files.
                 These devices are allowed during the  rest of the day, but
                 the NC  should be notified so that  the node is not marked
                 capable of continuous mail in the nodelist (CM flag).

                 If your system is to be unavailable  for whatever  reason,
                 please ensure that your modem or  phone  line is off hook,
                 (Make Busy). This  will minimize  the time your hub wastes
                 dialing  you.

          VI.    NET 134 VOTING PROCEDURE

                 It has been decided  by a majority  of the systems in  Net
                 134   that   a   democratic   system   of   electing   net
                 representatives   should  be   instituted,   as  well   as
                 establishing  a  voting   procedure  for  any   matter  of
                 importance to the  net as a  whole.  The voting  procedure
                 itself is defined as follows:

                 A.   A Quorum.

                      A quorum shall be considered to be 25% of  all  eligible
                      sysops for  any vote concerning routine  net  matters
                      For the election of net representatives and or the removal
                      of a net representative, a quorum shall be considered to
                      be 33.3% of all eligible sysops.

                      A quorum will be  achieved by counting  votes of  all
                      eligible nodes in an electronic vote.

                 B.   Eligible Systems

                      Each  sysop  in  Net  134  is  allowed  one (1)  vote
                      regardless of the  number of  entries this sysop  may
                      have in the nodelist. Assistant  Sysops,  as well  as
                      Co-Sysops  are not  given  voting  privileges for the
                      simple  reason  that  an  unbalanced situation  could
                      exist by a sysop creating a large number of assistant
                      or cosysop positions on a particular system.

                 C.   Election Procedure

                      Nomination for NC, NEC and LEC will commence the second
                      Sunday of January, and end the following Saturday. The
                      voting and politicking will commence the Third Sunday
                      and end at 10PM the following Saturday. Voting will be
                      secret ballot and run by a neutral party to be decided
                      and approved by Net 134.

                 To bring an  item to a vote, a member within Net 134 shall
                 make a motion, at  which time, that motion will  require a
                 second  by another  member of the  net . At this point, a
                 vote will be taken according to the above procedure. No
                 items will be considered for a vote if they contravene  an
                 existing FIDONET policy.


                 Currently, there are a number of elected  positions in the
                 net. Elections for these positions are held when ever  the
                 incumbent wishes to resign, or is voted out. It  should be
                 noted that the NC and NEC are appointed by the RC,and that
                 election results  for  these positions are recommendations
                 made to the RC.
                 The positions are defined as follows:

                 A.   Net Coordinator (NC)  1:134/0

                      The Net  Coordinator must  be elected  by a  majority
                      vote  of  eligible systems.

                      The NC's responsibilities are defined as follows:

                      1.   The assigning of new node numbers.
                      2.   Distribution of the Nodediff and Fidonews.
                      3.   Host routed netmail.
                      4.   The handling of disputes between nodes.
                      5.   Distribution of Net 134 Policy Document.
                      6.   Moderator for ADMIN_134.

                 B.   Net Echo Coordinator (NEC)  1:134/3

                      The  Net  Echo  Coordinator  must  be  elected  by  a
                      majority vote of eligible systems.

                      1.   Moderator and Hub of SYSOP_134
                      2.   The NEC will also take over as Assistant NC
                           should the NC become unavailable or the NC
                           is down.

                      The  NEC  is responsible  for the coordination of the
                      locally backboned  echos and appointment of moderators
                      for the NET134 "owned" echoes. The  NEC  also  has the
                      authority to  oversee moderators of Net134 backboned

                      The NEC's responsibilities are also spelled out in


                 There are also  a number of  positions within the net  for
                 which elections are unnecessary, or impractical.  They are
                 described as follows:

                 A.   HUB Systems.

                 At present, the Hub  coordinators will continue to be
                 appointed by the LEC.


                 Any person may petition  for the removal of a  person from
                 an elected  position by submitting  a petition  containing
                 the names of a  minimum of 20% of  the eligible sysops  in
                 Net  134 to  the  Net Coordinator. In the event that  this
                 is not possible (ie. one of the positions is not filled ,
                 and the other position is  the one in question ) , the
                 petition should be presented to one of  the other elected
                 Net Representatives.  It  is the responsibility  of that
                 person  receiving this petition to call a  net meeting at
                 the earliest possible date  for the  purpose of holding a
                 vote.   A majority vote (33%) of eligible sysops  shall be
                 required to remove the person in question from office,  at
                 which time, an  election to fill the  vacant  position
                 should  be  held according  to  the  guidelines in sections
                 VI & VII within a reasonable period of time.


                 Changes to  this  policy document  may  be effected  by  a
                 motion  from  any eligible  sysop  within Net  134,  to be
                 seconded, and voted  upon according  to the guidelines  in
                 section VI.   Any changes  accepted by Net  134 should  be
                 incorporated into the document, and copies of the document
                 distributed to  each Net  134 system  within a  reasonable
                 period of time.


                 Jan.  25,  1988,  First  draft by  Lloyd  Miller,  Net 134

                 Jan.   28,   1988,   Clarification   of   "host   routing"

                 Feb. 13, 1988, Added the "dropping out" portion.

                 Sep. 10,  1988, Second  draft by  Kathi Crockett,  Net 134

                 Sep.  12,  1988,  Appended  with  "NET 134  SYSOP  ECHOES"

                 Nov.  19, 1989,  Third  draft by  Norbert  Lange, Net  134

                 Nov. 24,  1989, Submitted  to the  Sysops of  Net 134  for
                 ratification as the  official Net  134 Policy Document  by
                 Norbert Lange.

                 June  21, 1990,  Document resubmitted,  with changes,  and
                 ratified  by  a unanimous  vote of  sysops present  at the
                 monthly  meeting  after  a reading  of  the  document, and
                 incorporation of  changes proposed  and  discussed at  the

                 Dec 24, 1995, Document re drafted by Randy Morgan NC.

                 Oct 4, 1998 Document appended by John Becker NC.

                 Sept. 1, 2001, Document re drafted by Kevin Klement NC.
                 Submitted  to the  Sysops of  Net 134  for ratification
                 as the Local Echo Coordinator (LEC) 1:134/2 postion
                 has been removed.

                 Apr 5, 2008, Document re drafted by Kevin Klement, I
                 Kevin Klement J the last standing member announce
                 Net134 was closed on Mar.07,2008.

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