Current Support Files for CALGARY NET 134
The current Fidonet Nodelist (updated weekly).
This document contains a list of echoes available in the Calgary region.

The list is not indiginous to any particular network, or group of people. An effort has been made to list all echoes available, however, it's up to each moderator to periodically submit update information for their particular echo.
Node applications for Net 134 should apply to 1:134/0 for a new node number. (or reactivation)
NET_134 POLICY DOCUMENT (c) 1998, Fidonet Net 1:134/0, POLICY GUIDE for System Operators in the Fidonet Southern Alberta, area known as Net 134.

This document is the property of the Sysops of Net 134 (the copyright owners). Permission is hereby given to distribute this document in unmodified form.
FidoNet Policy Document, Version 4.07, June 9, 1989.

This policy document has been accepted by vote of the FidoNet coordinator structure, and is the current FidoNet policy document until superceded.

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